Your Phone as a Healing Device




freeingMe apps are a revolutionary way to turn your mobile phone into a healing device that can help with energy, stress and rest! With just the press of a button you can be three minutes away from rejuvenating your ENERGY, releasing STRESS or creating REST within you. Simply lay your phone screen side down on the inside of your forearm. Each session is completely silent to maintain your privacy if required.

NOW you can always have help to hand due to this QUANTUM CONVERSATION that works by YOU communicating with the apps!

You are always in control as freeingMe apps do not use radionic, TMS, TENS, electromagnetic or electrical frequencies. Driven by YOUR natural communication with all things, these completely unique apps push the boundaries of what’s understood within the world of human energy fields. These are non-medical apps and there is no intention or reference for them to be used medically for any condition. 

As we offer a completely FREE TRIAL period, there is nothing stopping you seeing how they work for you!

breakthrough help always to hand

freeing ENERGY


Can release the energy you need and manage the energy you have.

For when you:

  • need energy fast
  • find your energy is being burned up too quickly by too much adrenal demand
  • have a dip in energy
  • have a full day and need to keep going
  • want to reduce the need for stimulants like caffeine and carbs/sugar
  • wake on a day of full commitment and have no energy
  • have an energy drop after lunch
  • have had a long tiring day and still have evening commitments
  • need to pick up the kids and feel drained
  • need energy as part of your exercise recovery program
  • have to recover after over working or high energy demand
  • just need a boost
  • have a busy week and need to manage your energy over time to pace yourself



Freeing ENERGY App can be used once, twice or three times continuously depending on each person's sensitivity to help raise energy like having a half hour power nap. There can be a ten minutes gap between the app ending and your energy starting to increase.

Freeing ENERGY App can also be used as a energy management system when used daily with the possibility to build up quality energy reserves over time to restore balance to your life. This may be felt unconsciously during this process with the results revealed over the week.

freeing STRESS


Can release the stress and anxiety that builds with apprehension and the pressures in life.

For when you:

  • are anxious about life's demands or under pressure
  • have a meeting/presentation you don't want to face
  • are stressed at work
  • are anxious about meeting someone
  • feel the insecurity of creating a new project
  • are feeling judged
  • have your confidence taken away through unfounded criticism
  • are struggling to complete the remit or task
  • are feeling you have failed
  • are in uncomfortable social situations
  • are on a first date or anxious beforehand
  • are faced with new commitments and challenges
  • are dealing with exams/online tests
  • are having to perform: a show or play
  • need to face public speaking


Freeing STRESS App can be very direct in its function but may need repeating 2 or 3 times continuously. This process may need to be repeated when needed to continue to help support the stressful experience or prevent anxiety creeping back in.

freeing REST


Can create a restful state.

For when you:

  • are having problems taking quiet time
  • don't know how to relax
  • need help to get into a sleepy mood
  • need to take time out
  • need sleep but find your thoughts are keeping you awake, like a big commitment the following day
  • find your body needs time to heal
  • need to slow down and come off an adrenaline boost you may be addicted to
  • are overstimulated by fear
  • need help in meditation
  • find everyday tasks build and build and you need time out


Freeing REST App can also be very direct in its function, often only needed to be used once. However, it can also be repeated especially when something important is pressing the next day or at a time when there is a is constant distraction like an unfinished project that just needs to be switched off from. It is set to 4 minutes as some people have used it to help them go off to sleep. 


“it gave me so much more energy”

“I used the freeing stress app during a pretty intense onset of anxiety, within minutes I could feel my body relax and adjust. I have no idea how this works but I am so thankful for this breakthrough invention and can’t imagine being without it now,”

Our Mission

freeingMe apps have evolved from a mission to help as many people as possible with a wide range of issues created by modern living. This is why we first offer a free trial for you to see if the apps work for you. For a short while you will have the chance to buy each app at a very affordable price for life before they move to subscription only.

How the apps work


freeingMe Apps utilise your body’s natural energy system in a unique way allowing YOU to communicate with the Apps. This means they cannot override your body’s decision-making or force it do anything it doesn’t want to, making them safe to use. They are also free from impulses or signals. This conversation between YOU and the App is a natural force of nature being used in a new, dynamic and revolutionary way. When harnessed, this communication can help maintain harmony in life and therefore help improve quality and longevity. These are wellbeing apps and not medical apps. The science behind these revolutionary Apps reflects the future in achieving a healthy balance for both mind and body. They work like a key opening a door to clear stress, reinstate energy loss or simply help you to find a quiet, relaxed place within. In addition, each App is specially designed to ensure the EMF emissions are kept to a minimum during use.


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Also Works on Tablet

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The Science of freeingMe


freeingMe apps work by using the communication that happens between all particles. Everything on Earth is made of particles. Science  describes this phenomenon in quantum terms.

To help illustrate how freeingMe apps work, an independent Kirlian Photographic Blind Test was commissioned at an independent Stress Clinic in the UK. Nigel Hutchings of Fullspectrum AVE Ltd carried out the test and reported:

‘The Freeing Stress app was activated and the subject re-placed the iPhone on her left forearm for 3 minutes with the app running. The subject reported the following: “One moment before my head was spinning with to do lists about getting stuff done. After I put the app on my arm, I immediately experienced a sense as if going into a hypnotic trance. My head became quiet.”


‘The Kirlian photograph showed a marked improvement in energy flow and distribution. Gaps had filled in and the energy balance between the conscious and unconscious mind, as seen in the corona around the left and right hands, was more evenly distributed. Motivation and will to action were showing a marked increase in energy. This would create a calm and more focussed state.’