Free your STRESS using safe light waves

Introducing a radically new way that

can release your stress when needed

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for 3 months.

$4.49/month thereafter

These apps are designed to help create harmony that builds

Release Stress

  • Under pressure due to life’s demands
  • For focus and motivation
  • For a meeting/presentation that’s hard  to face
  • First date or socially insecure
  • Fear of starting something new
  • Criticism or fear you have failed
  • New commitments and challenges
  • Dealing with exams/online tests
  • Public performance like public speaking


Freeing STRESS app can be repeated continuously

if in deep stress until it calms down.

The Freeing ENERGY app may need to be used first

if energy is needed to release the stress.



How to use

Lay your mobile on your forearm during the session – it’s that simple!


On airplane mode, press start


Place screen down on forearm


A vibration will signal the end


Each session is specially programmed using light

Tested and blind tested for the past two years


iPhone Users: there is a green solution

People have bought discounted or secondhand

sim free android phones, as the apps only need to

be loaded using wifi and then run offline

Works offline

to combat EMF