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You will be amazed at the results that can be achieved on your mobile phone from powerful, yet safe quantum photon communication.

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Minimal EMF

freeing STRESS app

Freeing Stress app can help release STRESS if you have excess worries, pressure or fear. It can help you face situations like meetings or stressful projects or events which cause panic. This can also be everyday stress like going to the store or the school run.

freeing ENERGY app

You may wish to rejuvenate your ENERGY or have a pick-me-up, especially if you have had a tiring day or an evening event to attend. This app can be used any time throughout the day to help maintain energy levels as many people drop when they have much to do.

freeing REST app

REST is imperative to our wellbeing. Our nervous system needs time to relax and we need time to dissipate tension. We can all find this a challenge in this very busy world. This app can also sustain mediation and even help to induce sleep.

Safe because the apps allow the body to balance naturally.

3 Easy Steps


On airplane mode, press start


Place screen down on forearm


A vibration will signal the end

Using harmless Photon Communication, you actually decide what you need from the apps.

Special Offer:

 For the first 3 months you pay $3.49 per month USA (usual price $4.49) or £2.99 per month UK (usual price £3.99). All other currencies carry the equivalent offer.

Benna McCartney – Business/Singer on the ENERGY app: “It gave me so much more energy”

Cathy Battistessa – Voice of Cafe del Mar on the STRESS app: “I used the freeing stress app during a pretty intense onset of anxiety. Within minutes I could feel my body relax and adjust.”

iPhone Users: We have a very green solution.

People with iPhones have bought cheap or secondhand sim free android phones, as the apps only need to be loaded using wifi and then run offline.

Apps run on airplane mode to keep the EMF levels safe and down to a minimum.

‘I was dealing with a tough time in my life. This app helped me in a huge way. I was under a lot of stress and had very high levels of anxiety…….It’s very impressive how I can feel very relaxed and calm after this all day long.’ Mariangela Palma using the freeing STRESS app.