Q:  Are the apps safe?

A: Totally safe as they work with your body's natural cell frequencies to create balance with the particular app, without any chemical or electrical manipulation. They have been tested by many people over the last 18 months. The apps will only work if your cells find them harmonic.

Q:  What is a session?

A: The apps run once the start button is pressed. There is a 3-2-1 countdown and then a blank white screen with a counter at the top showing you how much time is left. The duration of the white screen is a 'session' and this screen enables the communication between your cells and the harmonious energy source.

Q: Can I use more than one session?

A: Yes. Some people may only need one session, where others find how many they need. The sessions can build if needed and people tend to learn what they require with practice.

Q:  What do I do if I have an iPhone.

A: These apps are for android phones only. However they do not need a sim card to work. Iphone users have bought inexpensive new or second-hand android phones and used them for their own 'freeing apps' device. The apps only need wifi to download and then run offline to reduce EMF. So no sim card is needed. This is also a very green solution for old android phones.

Q: Why use on an arm and which arm is best?

A: From the end of the fingers and up the inside of the arm are very receptive cells that feed the mind. These cells reach out and gather as well as receive, just like our arms and hands do. Either arm will do this but some people have found one arm is more sensitive and therefore better than the other when using the apps.

Q:  What should I expect?

A: All three apps work gently, so they can achieve exactly what their name suggests. Please see list on Home page of this website to see situations where the apps can be used.

Q:  Are these medical apps?

A: No, these are not medical apps and should not be used as such or to replace any medical procedure.

Q:  Can I stop the app during the session?

A: Yes. Just press the off switch of your phone and then press it again to get back into your phone and enter your password. You will find yourself back in the app. The control bar will reappear at the bottom of the session and if you press the triangle, you will stop and leave the app.