Frequently Asked Questions

Specific Questions

Are the apps safe?

Totally safe as they work with your body's natural cell frequencies to create balance with the particular app, without any chemical or electrical manipulation. They have been tested by many people over the last two years. The apps will only work if your cells find them harmonic.

Can I repeat a session?

Yes. Some people may only need one session, whereas others find how many they need. The sessions can build if needed and people tend to learn what they require with practise.

What is a session?

The apps run once the start button is pressed. There is a 3-2-1 countdown and then a blank white screen with a counter at the top showing you how much time is left. The duration of the white screen is a 'session' and this screen enables the communication between your cells and the harmonious energy source.

What should I expect?

All apps work gently, so they can achieve exactly what their name suggests. Please see list on each app's buy page on this website to see situations where the apps can be used.

General Questions

Are these medical apps?

No, these are not medical apps and should not be used as such or to replace any medical procedure.

How do I get the light on me from my device?

The session will emit light from the screen and all you need to do is be in front of it while the session runs. The apps can run from all devices and the principle is the same.

How do I know if the app has worked?

People's sensitivities vary. Some people can feel the apps working intensely and so if very stressed, for example, will notice the calming effect immediately after using the stress app. With other people, a common scenario they report when using the energy app is that they forget how tired they are and it is not until they look back that they see their recovery. 

Can I stop the app during the session?

Yes. Just press the off switch on your phone and then press it again to get back into your phone and enter your password. You will find yourself back in the app. The control bar will reappear at the bottom of the session and if you press the triangle, you will stop and leave the app.

Does EMF radiation emit from the device while the app session is working?

If you switch your device to offline when you are prompted to do so, this will counter EMF radiation. For example, if using a mobile you can switch it to airplane mode when asked.

Can I overuse the apps?

No you can't overuse the apps. Each session is designed to create balance. This may take more than one session to achieve. However, once in balance you can't become overbalanced so the apps can't be overused.


At FREEING.ME we build apps utilizing Intelligent Light to enhance your wellbeing by balancing your body's energy systems wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
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