The future of well-being is now in your hands.

Harmonize Using Intelligent Light

This extraordinary light technology communicates what you need as determined by you.

The apps

Use the app you need.

It is that easy!

Use this if you:

  • Need energy fast
  • Burn up energy too quickly
  • Have a full day and need to keep going
  • Want to reduce the need for stimulants like caffeine
  • Have had a tiring day and still have evening commitments
  • Feel tired but have unavoidable things like picking up the children
  • Need as part of your exercise recovery program
  • Are overworking
  • Need to manage your energy over the week
  • Wish to replace a half hour power nap

Use this if you:

  • Feel under pressure due to life’s demands
  • Need focus and motivation
  • Are due for a meeting/presentation that’s
    hard  to face
  • Are apprehensive before a first date or
    socially insecure
  • Fear starting something new
  • Are facing criticism or fear you have failed
  • Are facing new commitments and
  • Are dealing with exams/online tests
  • Face public performance like public

Use this if you:

  • Are having problems taking quiet time or
    time out
  • Don’t know how to relax
  • Need help to get into a sleepy place
  • Need sleep or rest but too concerned with
    a big commitment the following day
  • Know your body needs time to heal
  • Need to come off an overexcited adrenaline
  • Are overstimulated by fear
  • Need help in meditation

The Balance Program

(all 3 apps)

3 month special offer!

for 3 months.

$8.49/month thereafter

Start your day in balance by running the apps from your laptop or tablet as you begin your working day

Or, when out and about, run the desired app while holding your mobile towards you

Extensively tested on the Scio-Eductor Biofeedback device

They run offline to prevent EMF interference.


Kirlian Electro-Graphic Camera

Tested on an attendee at a Stress Clinic




“One moment before my head was spinning with

to do lists about getting stuff done. After I put the app on

my arm, I immediately experienced a sense as if going

into a hypnotic trance. My head became quiet”

Make these apps part of your daily health regime to help maintain the balance of your energy systems


“I used the freeingStress app during
a pretty intense onset of anxiety.
Within minutes I could feel my body
relax and adjust. I have no idea how
this works but I am so thankful
for this breakthrough invention and
can’t imagine being without it now.”

Cathy Battistessa
Voice of Cafe del Mar

“the restoreEnergy app gave me so
much more energy and the releaseStress
app got me to the dentist – a massive fear”

Benna McCartney

Musician/Business Woman

Our apps have been tested on clinic clients and volunteers extensively for the past two years, including double-blind testing.


These are wellbeing apps and are not medical apps. They are not designed to replace medical advice or medical treatment.