The World’s First Energy Apps

Three innovative apps from Freeingme Ltd that turn your mobile phone into a healing device. 

Freeingme Ltd is excited to launch three revolutionary wellbeing apps, which are a world’s first in creating energy healing from an app. Imagine the possibility of freeing yourself from stress and anxiety by using your phone; rejuvenating your energy or finding the rest you so desperately need in these modern times with just the touch of a button. This possibility involves placing your phone screen side down on the inside of your forearm and running the app for just under 3 minutes. This is so radical that it may sound like science fiction, but it uses no electrical impulses, magnetic or radionic frequencies, just natural, safe quantum communication between YOU and the app. All three apps are available now from the App Store and soon from Google Play, and other Android platforms.  

No doubt you are eager to know exactly how these apps can work , however this remains a trade secret. Their development has evolved from many years of human energetic study and testing over the past 12 months to meet the demands of the new time. 

The apps operate on flight mode as well as incorporating something to keep EMF to a minimum. 

freeingMe Ltd is a partnership between Grahame Martin, a highly experienced health practitioner, author and developmental trainer and Pavel Kubalak, a software developer with a fascination for personal energy work. 

“The inspiration came from helping people for thirty years and visualizing energy on a quantum level to understand what us humans need to improve our lives.” Grahame Martin, director of freeingMe Ltd.

There are presently three different freeingMe apps available: FREEING ENERGY, FREEING STRESS and FREEING REST. Each app is available as a free trial or a one off purchase of  $11.99/£9.99. Bundles will also be available.

For further information, please contact Grahame Martin on (email / phone) or log onto