The Power Of Light

Turn Your Mobile Into a Wellness Device to rejuvenating ENERGY, clearing STRESS or creating REST


These radically new quantum apps will leave you wondering how they work!


freeingMe apps (Freeingme Ltd) is excited to launch three revolutionary wellbeing apps, using what we believe is a completely new form of technology: Photon Communication – the power of light. The apps aim to rejuvenate your energy; free stress or help find rest with just three easy steps: 1, on airplane mode, press start. 2, place your mobile screen down on your forearm. 3, wait under 3 minutes for the vibration to signal the end of the session. This may sound like science fiction because the apps use no electrical impulses, magnetic or radionic frequencies, just natural, safe Photon Communication. The apps deliver the information of a profound and powerful source of energy designed to create balance when we need it most. This source of energy is synthesized through the process of dematerialisation to produce the Photon Communication Technology, which cannot force you to do anything, You need to need the apps! All three apps are available for Android phones from Google Play. We are working to help iPhone users.

The apps’ development has evolved from many years of human energetic study and have been tested during the past 18 months with the help of many people. To keep EMF to a minimum, the apps operate on ‘flight mode’. 

Freeingme Ltd is a partnership between Grahame Martin, a highly experienced health practitioner, author and developmental trainer and Pavel Kubalak, a software developer with a fascination for personal energy work. 

“The inspiration came from helping people for thirty years and visualizing energy on a quantum level to understand what us people need to improve our lives.” Grahame Martin, director of Freeingme Ltd.

There are presently three different freeingMe apps available: FREEING ENERGY, FREEING STRESS and FREEING REST. Each app is available for Android with a free 3 day trial and an introductory offer of $3.49 per month for 3 months, and 4.49 thereafter.

For further information, please contact Grahame Martin at, or log onto