Scio-Eductor Biofeedback


Each of the 3 apps was tested on 22/06/2021 by an expert technician Daynna Southern at a Horam clinic, UK, using the Scio-Eductor on a volunteer.
The pink areas on the test results are the bodies system that improves and the white have greatly improved.
Yellow and green areas suggest a system out of balance

freeingStress app

The volunteer’s initial Test screen showing the scores for the main items of the body’s systems.  The 2nd to 6th lines should ideally be within the range 80-100.

This is the test screen for the volunteer’s meridians after testing the freeingStress app on the plate. The volunteer hasn’t actually received the balancing from the app, only the fact that it was running on the phone while placed on the test plate.  

This was the same test screen rechecked after attendee had received the balancing from the freeingStress app for 2.5 mins. Huge improvement in her scores. The pink areas are ones that have improved and the white are the ones that have greatly improved.

freeingEnergy app


This was after the second full restart and retest and showing again the scores of the initial readings.  Some of the readings are different to the first time, the main improvement was from a 2 to a 4 for the cellular vitality reading.  Also the ph level (called Proton Pressure) was much more normalised this time from the first test.

This was the test of the freeingEnergy app – again just the phone has been placed on the test plate before the volunteer received the balance from the app

This was the test screen after running the freeingEnergy app on the volunteer for 2.5 minutes.  Much better results for this one so the volunteer’s body clearly needed this one today.

freeingRest app

And this was the test screen after the freeingRest app was running on the volunteer for 2.5 minutes. Again plenty of pink (improved) and white (greatly improved) results with just 2 yellow systems that are not so sure. I think this may be related to the fact that we were testing during the daytime and those 2 meridians (Lung and Large Intestine) were not at the correct 2 hour timings for them (see diagram). Running the freeingRest app to coincide with a 2 hour time slot for a meridian or organ that is out of balance would be quite significant in its balancing.

See diagram bellow.

This test was undertaken in the afternoon around 15.30. It was observed that Lung meridian and Large Intestine meridian turned yellow. This means that the freeingRest app may be more suited to use in the evening or before bed. However rest may be needed at any time.

Testing effect of apps running on and offline

This was a retest of the freeingStress app after the volunteer held the phone in front of her for 2.5 mins. Then we rested the phone with the app running on the plate. In both cases the app was running online. Again a great improvement with all the white areas greatly improved but there were a few areas that didn’t like it so much.

Then this was retested again with the freeingSress app offline – much better scores all round.