How Light Information Works

Each ‘session’ is programmed

using light



Light and information


Light carries information and this travels on an energy field called the Quantum Field. The field connects us all and to all things, including inanimate objects. This network is full of light particles or Photons that shape our existence. Our internal wellbeing and our external awareness is dependent on this light exchange. Our environment speaks to us and we use this naturally to harmonise our body’s energy systems.

freeingMe apps use this field to deliver Intelligent Light in a groundbreaking way, which is created through the synthesis of coded light that carries a positive effect on our wellbeing.

Light Information is Natural


Light is not random – it contains all the energy that creates our existence. We naturally harness what we need in mind and body. The more science explores this phenomenon, the more we can understand the division between what is within us and what is without us. What is becoming clear is this division is very small. This may explain why many world philosophies talk about what it is to be ‘whole’. We do know that light information is precise and why the freeingMe apps will only help if need. They therefore can only create natural balance if needed.

Unlike radionic or elctro-magnetic signal devices, freeingMe apps work very differently and why they have made a quantum leap in wellbeing information exchange.

 As the freeingMe apps can only work if needed, it is this that makes this totally harmless technology so safe.

Light and harmony


The interaction between us and light is the making of freeingMe apps. We know that, by being human, we receive information and by doing so we gain our understanding. This constant communication also has its problems and we get triggered when feeling vulnerable and tired. We can feel hurt and scared at times especially as modern life insists that we keep going regardless to the stress we are under. The more we can keep in harmony within nature, the more we can cope.

When using the apps, you communicate with another sophisticated source in order to create balance, using the mobile phone as an intermediate. This source cannot be found in the apps, which is why these apps are such a major and unique step in understanding how light can help us.

We believe freeingMe apps, which turn your mobile into a wellbeing device, uniquely use Light Information as a Technology and have therefore made the quantum jump by putting wellness energy in an app.




freeingMe apps work because of the existence of the Photon. It is well known that light is in constant motion, however the photon does not have the same relationship with time and space to which standard science adheres. This enables photons to be exploited because we do know they have a profound relationship with the way we communicate to each other and our environment. By cracking this code, much healing knowledge can come from this.

We know about this profound relationship we have with light through scientific experiments that give us insights into the workings of the Quantum Web, which is the making of our world through Light Information. We know there is an enormous sub-atomic interaction going on that is the making of all things, including us. Even early experiments like ‘The Double Slit Experiment’ (see diagram) show that the very act of us humans observing a photon changes its behaviour, changing it from a wave to a particle or vice versa. We are communicating with light all the time and it is doing the same. It a sense, we are it and it is us.

This is common with all wave particles within the subatomic world. They all seem to be a part of us and why engineers and scientists have to remove the effect their interaction makes when calculating any wave length from the final result. They have to measure and remove the act of observation. Our very state of being and how we act in the world is information based and effects everything around us. freeingMe apps uses this profound interaction to deliver communication that will make us feel better.