Science of freeingMe


We and all things are made of particles, and through experiments we know that all particles communicate with each other, regardless of what body they form and where they are in the world. This is a subatomic network that has been fascinating scientists for some time.

Experiments have long shown that, because of this communication, we humans influence the behaviour of electrons (subatomic particles found outside the nucleus of an atom) that are external to us. Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is one of many studies that reveals the amazing communication that is underway between us and everything else. This commmunication inspired the making of freeingMe apps to help create a new level of wellbeing that is always to hand.


Science has long known that we humans communicate with our surroundings on a subatomic level. The more we understand this, the more we can get this fact to work for us. Many of the experiments that first established this process are relatively old now, like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Here is a quote from Encyclopaedia Britannica that illustrates how all particles connect according to Heisenberg’s principle,

“Any attempt to measure precisely the velocity of a subatomic particle, such as an electron, will knock it about in an unpredictable way, so that a simultaneous measurement of its position has no validity. This result has nothing to do with inadequacies in the measuring instruments, the technique, or the observer; it arises out of the intimate connection in nature between particles and waves in the realm of subatomic dimensions.”

When we measure a wavelength in physics, for instance, a fraction of the reading has to be removed to account for the human observation adding to its length. Wishing the network of communication, we humans are influencing things all the time. At the centre of these tests, and this field of communication, is the electron.

Electrons can be found in the atom operating within the quantum field. They represent the point at which matter appears, so can be either a wave (photon) or a particle. Further experiments like The Double Slit Experiment (see diagram) show that the electron will behave as either a wave or particle depending on how we observe it. Basically, the electron’s behaviour is determined by how we interact (communicate) with it.

freeingMe apps utilise this subtle, yet profound communication and in doing so give us the chance to decide what we want without blocking what our body naturally needs. We are always looking for harmony to gain our potential. Children do this with their tremendous power to heal and grow. It is the same when an old cell in our body dies and, as if from nowhere, is replaced by a new one packed with future positive potential. Energetic communication acts within us to always act for the best. This is positive charge.

How this communication technology works technically in each app is a trade secret. But what we can say is that it uses no physical impulse, frequencies or magnetic waves in the scientific ‘classical’ sense. This is pure quantum communication.

Our modern understanding of the microscopic world has led to technical innovations, from computer programs to the CT scan. Now a new natural, non-evasive frontier of knowledge is being used here with an understanding of how we can access and balance our energy using a new form of management system.

Most people find freeingMe apps create change that is both supportive and gentle. Pathways in us are awoken within this subtle energy which communicates to all things. This is like a key opening a door that can clear stress, reinstate lost energy or simply find a quiet, relaxed place within.