Each ‘session’ is programmed using light



Light carries with it information and this travels on an energy field called the Quantum Field. This field connects us all and to all things, including inanimate objects. This network is full of light particles or Photons. We create our internal wellbeing and our external awareness through this light exchange. Our environment speaks to us and we do the same using light.

freeingMe apps use this field to deliver information that has been created through the synthesis of profound energy sources that have a positive effect on our wellbeing. This synthesis is produced through the process of dematerialisation from material source into photon. We call this Photon Communication Technology.

Photon Communication works by fitting with what each individual needs. The way that light messages works with us is they are only useful if we need them. Unlike radionics or elctro-magnetic devices, the information exchange is designed to build over use and, therefore, be sustained by the human body, as the need for the app decreases. Other devices may not show positive accusative effects.

 As the freeingMe apps can only work if we need them, it is this that makes this totally harmless technology so safe. These are wellbeing apps, rather than medical.



freeingMe apps work using Photon Communication: the exchange of information enriched pulses of the smallest aspect of light that we call a Photon. It is well known that light is in constant motion, however the photon does not have the same relationship with time and space to which standard science adheres.

The process of dematerialisation of matter into a light form exploits photon behaviour and allows freeingMe apps to provide safe, positive, wellbeing messages too you.

Science has long been fascinated with our communication to all things via the Quantum Web with experiments like ‘The Double Slit Experiment’ (see diagram). It shows that the very act of observing a photon changes its behaviour. We are communicating with it and it is doing the same.


This is common with all wave particles and engineers and scientists calculate the event our observation makes when making wavelength measurements. Our very intention has a constant effect on the particular of our constantly communicating environment.



It is this interaction between us and light that is the making of freeingMe apps. We know that, by being human, we are mainly in a state of observation and by doing so we gain our understanding. This constant communication with our surroundings is tiring and also traumatic at times. We also know that we need to receive light or we die. Light is the profound basis of our existence and the more we learn about the way it works, the more we can use it to create our harmony.

When using the apps, you communicate with another sophisticated source in order to create balance, using the mobile phone as an intermediate. This source cannot be found in the apps, which is why these apps are such a major and unique step in understanding how light works to create harmony within your mind and body on a quantum level.

We believe freeingMe apps, which turn your mobile into a wellbeing enhancing device, are the only ones that use Photon Technology and have made a quantum jump. Every other device uses physical based technology like radionics or radio magnetic frequencies.