Kirlian Electro-Graphic Camera Report:
freeingSTRESS app

Tested on an attendee at a UK stress clinic.

“One moment before my head was spinning with
to do lists about getting stuff done. After I put the app on
my arm, I immediately experienced a sense as if going
into a hypnotic trance. My head became quiet.”
Clinical Tester


To verify how freeingMe apps work, an independent kirlian photographic blind test was commissioned at an independent stress clinic in the UK. A randomly selected woman suffering from stress had her biophoton (ultraviolet photons emitted by living cells) reaction recorded. Nigel Hutchings of Fullspectrum AVE Ltd carried out the test. This test was commissioned by Freeingme Ltd trading as freeingMe apps and its results were independently assessed with no interference or influence made by Freeingme Ltd. The only stipulation made by Freeingme Ltd was that the freeingStress app was to be tested on a person who complained of feeling stressed. Therefore the test was carried out in a stress clinic.


To use a kirlian electro-graphic camera to capture the impact on the human energy field of a FreeingMe frequency emitted by freeingStress app from an iPhone set to flight mode. The subject is to place the phone face down on their forearm for 3 mins without the app running and immediately afterwards a Kirlian energy photograph of their hands would be taken as a control. After a short period of time the app would be switched on and applied in the same way for 3 minutes. Another kirlian photograph would be taken and compared with the control.


When a very low amperage, high voltage electrical charge with a specific frequency and waveform is sent to the cathode (kirlian viewing plate) a corona or spark formation is created when the potential difference between the anode (subject) and the viewing plate (kirlian camera) is great enough to cause a free electron to be ejected from the positive plate (kirlian viewing plate). The free electron accelerates towards the subject colliding with the mainly nitrogen atoms in the air causing them to eject their single orbiting electron. During this process a photon of light appears within the visible and ultraviolet spectrum. When the electrical potential reaches a certain point millions of electrons are pulled out of their orbiting shells colliding with other atoms knocking out their electrons. This mass of activity ionizes the air surrounding the subject creating negative and positive electrical pathways for them to travel. This creates lightening like streamers to appear in the visible and ultra violet light spectrum. The electron avalanche created by this process stream over the subject’s hands to earth releasing photons of light in the process. The subject's own electromagnetic field deflects the electrons which the photons trace. The kirlian phenomenon is photographically captured using a high definition full frame SLR camera.

The resulting kirlian electrograph displays an interference pattern created through the interaction between the subject’s electromagnetic field and the kirlian signal. A bit like putting talcum powder over the invisible man/woman. A kirlian electrograph of an individual in a calm and relaxed state will show a different corona discharge and flare pattern around the fingers and hands than an electrograph of an individual in a stressed and tense state.


JAK3000 Kirlian camera
Voltage: 18.5kv Frequency: 800Hz Wave form: Sine wave Canon 5D Mk1V SLR camera
2.5 second exposure f2.00 ISO 1600


The subject reported she was feeling stressed and showed some distraction. Her head was full of what she had to do and was a little overwhelming. An iPhone in flight mode was placed on her left forearm while she was sitting with no app running and left there for 3 minutes. Afterwards she reported: “I feel the same, my head is still full of to do lists not completed.” A kirlian photograph was taken of her hands.


The kirlian photograph is showing breaks and energy imbalances between left and right hands. The colour gradient images clearly show blocks and energy not flowing freely, particularly in areas of direction and action. Receptivity is high and motivation pulsing but will to action is obstructed. This could create an acute stress response.

The freeingStress app was activated and the subject replaced the iPhone on her left forearm for 3 minutes with the app running. The subject reported the following: “One moment before my head was spinning with to do lists about getting stuff done. After I put the app on my arm, I immediately experienced a sense as if going into a hypnotic trance. My head became quiet".


The kirlian photograph showed a marked improvement in energy flow and distribution. Gaps had filled in and the energy balance between the conscious and unconscious mind, as seen in the corona around the left and right hands, was more evenly distributed. Motivation and will to action were showing a marked increase in energy. This would create a calm and more focussed state.


At FREEING.ME we build apps utilizing Intelligent Light to enhance your wellbeing by balancing your body's energy systems wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
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